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Scripts for Plays Free downloads

I'm still working on the show. I may end up publishing it one scene at a time at this rate. These are the wonderful voice talents that helped me start the process.

I want to give a shout out to Bitmoji!!! for giving me an easy great way to create fast content for my website and making texting so much fun. 

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Few people know- and even fewer care- that I have tried my hand at writing and illustrating children’s books. If you know or are a little one that may enjoy them please visit my kindle book store  (This does charge $5 a download) 

If you want a free PDF copy of any of my children's books I would be happy to send one, just let me know.

Do you suffer from depression? Share stories and art on Voices in the Grey.

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It may have nothing to do with plays or scripts, but pet ownership has a lot to do with living a complete and full life. I just want to take a moment to promote a few organizations that help unite those of us that need a friend with those of us that need a family.


I also want to thank Toni, Shelbi, Tabitha , Lydia, Chewy, Daphne, Furgie, and Murphy for their patience and support. 
Also all the wonderful people and pets that make this world worth living in.
Linda, Scott,Michelle, Rachael, Emily, Lilly, Claudia, George, Lanet, Meg, Mike, Susan, Tom, Krystian, Jeff, Jimmi, Manu, Jim,
Kyla, Olivia, Tina, Cecilia, Mary, Eve, Steven, Ronnie, Justin, Jeff , Tara ... Yeah I know a lot of nice people.  
You are all wonderful!

Im Not Very Good At It But It Doesnt Mat
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