• Tim Pullen

The motions of self Promotion

I have finally begun actively promoting my website. I've done everything that has been recommended, posting on Facebook and Instagram or a scheduled basis and generating original content specifically for that purpose.

My first meme got eleven thousand likes on Tuesday August 27th, and it netted my Facebook page 2 new subscribers. The most important part for me was the fact that it drove the traffic up to my website and I landed 12 new visitors. This was quite accidental, I was literally playing with my meme app and shared it to the right groups at the right time. Now- if the formula is 11,000 likes to 12 actual visitors- well, I have my work cut out for me. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Of course my ultimate goal is to receive that email that says "I just read your show, it's hysterical!" or even better "My community theatre group would like to preform..." Yes, I know I'm a dreamer- but I'm not the only one.

The meme that I started my self promotion with