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  • Tim Pullen

Thankful things

Pot Luck is a play I based around the holiday of Thanksgiving. Growing up I always had more family around than I really knew I had. Every year my grandparents opened up the house, cleaned, cooked and nit picked each other to death while preparing the feast.

After I had created the romance between Bran Haste and Maggie Grant in the play "All I want for Christmas" it was easy for me to take it to the next step. Since I already put so much of myself into the character of Bran I simply brought Maggie home to meet my family on Thanksgiving of the following year. Of course I did some character blending with my actual relatives, but Stanley was named so by taking my grandfather's middle name- That is a fairly solid representation of both who he was and the relationship Bran and he have mimics that of my grandfather and myself. This play gets it's comedy from the bickering and dysfunction but still conveys the most important part of family for me: Getting though this mess together- whatever it is.

I am very thankful everyday, not only for my family that is now, but also for the wonder group I was born into. - Tim

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