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  • Tim Pullen

Christmas Spirit

I was reading my one act play Marlene's yesterday, innocently looking for a "quote of the play" I could use. Two wonderful things happened while I was perusing the script: First of all, I couldn't stop reading it. Secondly, I started crying during the spirit of Christmas present. You know the kind of crying that happens involuntarily with tears just rolling down your cheeks.not because of the typos I found or the words that didn't make sense in the sentence (obviously a misguided spell check alteration) these things are more visible to me as time passes, and it had been a few years since I've read the script. No my eye leakage was caused by being touched by the words, the feeling of the play.

I was touched by my own script. It's not as often as one thinks that I touch myself. The time that has passed since my posting that show and my re-reading it was almost three solid years. I have to say while it is due for another revision to catch those typos it is a pretty good one act. I do think I captured the spirit of open heartedness that Charles had in mind when he wrote his ghost story.

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