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  • Tim Pullen

Beginnings and Endings

There are no happy endings. I put the period there for emphasis, No happy endings. If it's happy, it's not an ending, it's simply a change in direction an alteration of interpersonal dance moves. When things are over...that's always sad.

Disney has steered everyone in the wrong direction for years (I grant you, even they are changing that) When the prince and the princess ride off into the sunset in their horse drawn carriage they are heading towards the in-laws, the kids, the fights over who's gold pile is higher.

In my plays I reflect this by having one show lead into another. I have connected my canon to a slightly altered version of history- sort of like Fox news- but not as slanted to the right. My canon is based on the premise that my characters exist- Spoiler alert!! they don't.

In my philosophy of life if you remove one person from existence during a particular time frame you alter the course of history as we know it. I probably learned this from Disney too, convincing myself that we ALL matter as individuals. My shows alter the course of real history only in the fact that I've plopped my characters in it. Each show builds the story, each has a conclusion but each ending leads to the next show, or some show in the future.

In my personal life at the moment things are drastically changing around me. The way I currently live is ending and a new beginning is on the horizon. The end is still sad; there is no getting around that, it's the hope that comes from the part of the story that is yet to be told that you have to hang onto.

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