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  • Tim Pullen

A whole lot of thanks to give.

This Thanksgiving day I am not only grateful for my family, I also have recently been struck with a good amount of dumb luck. I sent out a meme on the twentieth day of November and received in return an audience. This little snippet of humor was of no more thought or effort than any other goofy little meme I have made, but it was the right one at the right time. I now have over 200 Facebook followers for this website- which is honestly more interest than I expected at this point. It is true that this still needs to translate into someone coming to the website itself and then actually reading one of these shows -or that further step of enjoying what they read- but my odds are better now than they ever have been. So I am totally full of thanks this year. For all my luck, with my children of two legs and four, my beautiful and loving wife and even my digital luck on the book of the face. Thank you all.

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