Full Length Scripts

By my definition a full length is anything between an hour and a half to two hours. Three hours is just too much.

Beyond the darkness script

Beyond the Darkness

Running time: 2 hrs

As the ratings of a cable ghost hunting show begin to drop, so does the crew. 

When a rookie F.B.I. agent and fan of the show is sent to investigate the string of mysterious deaths things begin to get scary fun.

Cast Size:  6

Women:  3     30's-40's

Men: 3        30's-40's

Political Engagment by Tim Pullen

Political Engagement

Running time: 2 hrs

As Marcus Hampton an honest and dedicated public defender is pushed by his mother and girlfriend to enter the world of politics, he must decide what is more important. To hold tight to his moral judgement or become a politician. 

Cast Size:  6

Women:  2    20's-30's

Men: 4        20's-50's

Monologues from this show




Minds Over Matter

Running time: 90 mins

Dale Grant has never been close to his father. Now that his dad is overdosing himself on antidepressants and slipping into madness it's time for a little family trip to the edge of sanity.

Cast Size:  6

Women:  2    20's-40's

Men: 4        20's-50's

Torn Cloaks and Dull Daggers by Tim Pullen Free play script

Click the logo to see the animated version of act 1 scene 1

Torn Cloaks and Dull Daggers

Running time: 2 hrs

A millionaire playboy and an out of work espionage contractor walk into a bar...Then their friendship turns the intelligence community on it's ear. Set in 1952 they find the rush in escaping Russian spies.

Cast Size:  8-10 

Double casting possible.

Women:  4-5    20's-30's

Men: 4-5        20's-30's

The Hidden Kingdom

Hidden Kingdom an Original Musical Play by Tim Pullen

Running time: 2 hrs

Set in 1536. A court Jester stumbles upon a kingdom that has been sheltered away from society for hundreds of years. He falls in love with the princess and creates nothing but trouble for the powers that be. 

This isn't quite a musical, but it has a lot of music in it. It could use tweaking and while the sheet music isn't on my site I will be glad to share it with anyone that may be interested. 

Cast Size:  29

Women:  10    16-98

Men: 19       16-60's

Here (hear) are a couple clips of tunes from the show: 



   "Nights were made for Knights"

                 "Ignorance is Bliss"

All I Want for Christmas Play Poster

All I Want for Christmas

A desperate man is on his way to commit suicide one Christmas eve when a stop by a local gift store changes his plans, and his outlook on life.  The show contains some violent thoughts but maintains a light heart. Pushing towards the idea that Christmas is about friendship, love and perseverance of the human spirit. 

Running time: 2 hrs

Cast Size:  10

Women: 4      9-60's

Men:  6      10-40's

Monologues from this show
Free play script Love by Request

Love by Request

Nothing has gone right so far in the small studio at WXYS Radio. This Valentine's Day is only going to get worse when the only two people that can save the station are bitter high school Ex's. 

Running time: 2 hrs

Cast Size:  27

Women:  2      20's

Men:  6      20-60's

19 Assorted voice characterizations could be double cast.

Play script for Toppings by Tim A. Pullen

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Running time: 90 some minutes

For fifty years nothing has changed at Bartolo's Pizza Parlor, but as the owner prepares for retirement the crew has to adapt to a whole new management.

Cast Size:  7- 18

Women: 4     30's-70's

Men: 3     30's-70's

4-11 Mixed ensemble

Free Play Script The Horizon by Timothy Pullen

The Horizon

Running time: Approx. 2 hrs.

A change of management at a retirement community leads it's residence to revolt. 

Cast Size:  9

Women: 5    20's-80's

Men: 4     20's-80's

Pot Luck a play script by Tim Pullen

Pot Luck

Running time: Approx. 95 mins

A play about family togetherness and espionage. Everything Thanksgiving should be.

Cast Size:  12

Women: 6    20's-70's

Men: 6     20's-60's

 -These scripts are all original works.

-Anyone that wishes to do so has my permission to use these scripts.

-All I ask is for credit where it is due, and the knowledge a show is being performed.