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Political Engagement

Cast Requirement:  6                       Running time: 2 hrs. 

4 Men: 20's-50's

2 Women: 20's-30's

As Marcus Hampton an honest and dedicated public defender is pushed by his mother and girlfriend to enter the world of politics, he must decide which is more important...

To hold tight to his moral judgment or become a politician.

Play Scripts for Free Political Engagment

This play is a tell all for my political views.

Monologues from this show

Pot Luck

Cast Requirement:  12                Running time: 1 hr. 30 mins 

6 Men: 20's-60's

6 Women: 20's-80's

A story about family, togetherness and espionage. Everything Thanksgiving should be. 

Pot Luck Play Script by Tim Pullen

Cast Size range from 9- 12  Use the  arrows to explore.

The Hidden Kingdom

Cast Requirement: 29 or more                Running time: Approximately  2 hrs. 

19 Men: 16- 60's

10 Women: 16-90's


Set in 1536. A Court jester stumbles upon a kingdom that has been sheltered away from society for hundreds of years, falling in love with a princess and creating chaos for the powers that “be”.   This isn’t quite a musical, but it has an awful lot of music in it- and it has a lot of room for tweaking by whoever may be the first production crew.  The sheet music is not on the sight, but I’ll gladly send it to you if you’d like. There are a few clips of the tunes on the "Full Length" page if you would like to check them out. 

Original Musical Hidden Kingdom

Currently in Revision

Cast Size range from  12 & Up    Use the  arrows to explore.

I am constantly revising and editing these scripts: If you would like to perform one of these plays please check with me for updates. The shows are posted on this site once I am happy with the story and characters. The Scripts still contain spelling errors and typos in most cases. If you like a script I may save you a lot of red ink by providing a revised copy. I do not make it a priority to get all the scripts perfect before posting them.