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Welcome to my inner sanctum

This is where you can discover my secrets, my history and read the stories that are not yet , or may never be told as plays. 

To those of you that wish to know... The secret to my shows really isn't much of a secret at all.

They all connect.

I am really writing ONE incredibly long play.

This is not for the purposes of making an audience sit still for two and a half months, nor do I have any thought that anyone other than myself would ever read the story from beginning to end. This is for the purposes of my writing, nothing more.

When I first began reading shows I came across "Six Characters in search of an Author" by Luigi Pirandello. One of the striking points for me was the fact characters only get to exist for one instance in a supposed lifetime. I decided the only way to make my characters appear real was to know their lives in the entirety. Whether those events are ever mentioned, or read at all has little meaning. The point is for me -the writer- to know as much as humanly possible about my characters. Because of my broad spectrum of interests ranging from medieval knights to deep space exploration this show is set over a 1000 year time span. You can be certain there are gaps, but as of now a great deal of this fictional history is written down to guide me through the details of my "presentable" shows. I use the word presentable loosely, as that is mainly a matter of taste.

The Chronicles of Crestview are the guidelines of my story, drifting in and out of play format, novel and just plain notes then back again. As I peruse this story I find a time that has a particular attachment to my life and my own experiences, then elaborate where I see a potential stage-able event.  This where I get my plays.I am posting these more complete, yet far more dynamic tales here for the purpose of the actors that may wish to reveal more of the characters lives then one show allows.

Then again these chronicles may also be useful for really bored people, and perhaps a cure for insomnia.

Because of the ever changing nature of these chronicles (Yes they are broken up into time segments and short stories) they will be posted with a date at the bottom. – I’ll try to keep them as up to date as possible, but if something is more than two months old, it may just have a new revision. If you don't see them posted at all, that means I'm doing a major re-write.

I consider both the main play and all subsequent "smaller" shows works in progress, until I'm dead and worm food, at that time my children or grandchildren may declare in my eulogy that the drafts of these/this show has become final. Until then...

I reserve my right to revise, rewrite, and rethink. As I recommend everyone does, with everything and everyday of their life, just don't forget to laugh along the way.

- Tim Alan Pullen

History of...


A very long time ago, way back in the year 1993 I was a sixteen year old Drama geek at West Potomac High School. During my second production “You Can’t Take it with You” I began writing my first play. I failed my creative writing course because I was far too busy writing a play to do any of the assignments. When I was finished I found a group of friends that wanted to help me produce it. It didn’t matter that the show “Enchantment” was not much more than regurgitated sitcom jokes told by cardboard characters strung together with a weak plot. (This is my personal review from re-reading it ten years later.) It didn’t matter because this group of teenagers spent more time raising money for church rental, building sets, props, and working on advertising then we did rehearsing. On opening night I was the only member of the cast that remembered any lines, so we improved and nudged our way through. By the third night one of our main cast members became gravely ill and was hospitalized for gallbladder surgery, since there were no understudies the show was cancelled. Despite all of this the worst thing of all happened…We were successful!  We made a three-thousand dollar profit on half of a run of a bad show. Mostly due to pity from the community, after all we were a self-contained under-aged theater company. Royal Court Productions was born. We plotted out several different productions: "Our Town", "A Christmas Carol", "Taming of the Shrew", none of which made it past a first rehearsal for various reasons, but mostly due to a lack of enthusiasm.  By summer of 1994 I decided to sit down and write another original comedy, not knowing how truly bad my first one was. Modeled from my imagination and the experiences I had at my first job at a retail store. “All I Want for Christmas” was typed out in one afternoon with my friend and critic Kristian-Nathan Dawson by my side the whole time. As I got up to use the bathroom once he took over typing and worked in a detail about a pickle sandwich, which remains in the script today. We instantly began production, planning a Christmas debut, and in late November our leading man decided he didn’t want to be an actor. This setback cost us over half of our bankroll and a good deal of confidence, but still we kept trying. As I became a father and was married at age twenty, Kristian took over the reins of RCP and attempted a production, also with a play that he wrote himself "Heart's Desire" in 1995 and it was produced successfully (even when one actor had to be replaced by a stuffed toy). Still it lacked the amazing profit beginners luck had brought us before.
In 1996 Kristian, myself, and my new bride decided to go for broke "literally and figuratively" we completely self-sponsored "All I Want for Christmas". It had a difficult and (educational) production process, but was well received. The show only made a shiny nickel profit, but not entirely discouraged I attempted to write a children's show. We produced and preformed it with our only audience being the mother of one of our cast. Out of money we could not continue Royal Court Productions any longer.
I attempted to content myself with everyday life but found myself writing shows. I worked with Tapestry Theatre Company as an actor, but still I wanted to see my own work brought to life. In February of 1999 I self produced "Love by Request" as a one act and paired it with a Noel Coward one act "Overruled" with a good deal of help from my friends at Tapestry. That show almost broke even, but cost me enough to stop self-producing. I then focused on acting as my primary hobby and started preforming with Aldersgate Community Theatre. I love every moment on stage, especially when I get to deliver a good laugh line, still each production left me with more inspiration for a new play and a different story. I wanted to write shows that I would personally have as much fun watching as being a part of. So every night I was still up typing, re-reading and re-writing my shows. It’s like an illness with me. An illness I wish to share with the world. Play-writing brings me joy. Whether they get produced, read, or used as kindling for fires makes no difference. This is why I began my own website, to share my stories and my laughter with whoever may wish to share them with me.
Since www.pullenentertainment's creation two of my one acts have been brought to the stage by the drama class of my very own West Potomac High school. 
I chose the name Pullen Entertainment for many reasons, first and foremost because I am Tim PULLEN and this site ENTERTAINS me. I hope some of you share that reaction.

Pictures from "Casey at the Zoo"-1997                               Brad Nigh, Tim Pullen, and Krystian-Nathan Dawson

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Tim Pullen as the Time travler for Tapestry The

Tim as the time traveler, in the time machine he built for the Tapestry production of "The Time Machine"

The original production of All I want forChristmas by Tim Pullen

Picture from "All I Want for Christmas" -1996

This script is a little like getting out of the pool with my pants down, but since this is my website- much like the pool scenario -there's a good chance nobody's looking anyway. This is my first, and to date I believe worst play. If you enjoy train wrecks, you'll like this.

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I write plays because I enjoy it. 

 One day, I hope to do it well.

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This site is here simply to display my work for anyone interested to enjoy.

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